We are usually asked about:

UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. uses only the very best and latest equipment providing protection of your valuables, with the most advanced and highly sophisticated technologies. Safe deposit lockers are situated in a secure grade 8 vault and secured with a six sided strong room. Further, all safe deposit lockers are alarmed with high definition CCTV and 24 hours monitoring. All our customers are issued with an identification card and access to the vault can only be gained through biometric fingerprint technology and a unique pin number, known only to the box holder.UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority

Ellerton Knight can arrange insurance cover for your valuables stored in your safe deposit box. Please click to obtain a quote.

Yes you can insure cash, for further details please contact Ellerton Knight by clicking here 

The safe deposit box is rented individually to the Main Applicant, also known as the Registered User, who may appoint extra persons to be Nominee/s. Therefore, only the Registered User and their Nominee/s will be allowed to access the safe deposit box.

Every safe deposit locker comes with two keys and both keys are provided to the Regsistered User. These keys are specially made and cannot be duplicated. Therefore if you lose one key we would advise you to come and replace the lock for your safe deposit box, for your own safety, which will cost you £100.00. If you lose both keys your safe deposit locker will be drilled open by an authorised engineer in your presence and you will be charged  £250.00.

You will not be allowed to access your safe deposit lockers outside the business hours, which can be found on the” Contact Us” page. 

Opening an account with UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. is simple. You can go to our “How To Apply” page and complete an on-line application. Alternatively you can come to our offices and register in person. Please ensure you provide us with original documents:-

1. Photographic proof of identity, e.g. Passport or Drivers Licence

2.  Proof of address, e.g. Utility bill (council tax, gas water etc.), which are not more than three months old