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Are You Worried About The Safety Of Your Valuables? Preserve Your
Assets With Our Pioneer Level Of Security.

UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. offers peace of mind and protection for your most valuable items and possessions with our UK safety deposit boxes. We use only the latest and best equipment, including state of the art electronic systems and high definition CCTV monitoring equipment, ensuring maximum protection of your valuables and the utmost security for our clients.

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Secure Safety Box in London

By choosing us here at UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd., you can rest assured that your security deposit box in UK is monitored 24/7 by an offsite independent security specialist with additional onsite security guards at all times throughout the opening to closing hours.


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A security deposit box in London and other locations across the UK is the best place for storing items that are too precious to lose. Here at UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd., we provide you with a safe place to store your valuables. Whether you’re looking for a temporary storage solution for your valuables while moving or protecting sentimental items for future generations, we can provide you with a safe deposit box in London UK at affordable rates.

  • World class security
    All lockers are individually alarmed for maximum security with high definition CCTV and 24 hours monitoring
  • No extra charge
    You may access your safety box in London as often as you need at no extra charge during business hours
  • Situated in a comfortable
    Our clients lockers are situated in a comfortable, secure and pleasant environment, inside a mighty vault
  • Our staff are professional
    All our staff are professional, highly trained and

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    What To Store In Your Security Deposit Box In London?

    People have various reasons for opening a safe deposit box, and here at UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd., we understand the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you need temporary storage for your valuables while moving or protecting sentimental items, our safe deposit boxes offer a versatile solution.

    • 1. Important Documents:
      You can use our safety deposit boxes in London, UK, to store crucial documents such as passports, birth certificates, deeds, and your last will and testament. Storing identification documents in a secure locker helps prevent identity fraud, and keeping deeds in a safe location saves you from the hassle of looking for them when needed.
    • 3. Spare Keys:
      Avoid the risk of intruders getting access to your home or car by securely storing spare house or car keys in our facility.
    • 2. Valuables:
      You can also store expensive jewellery and watches in our UK safe deposit box to secure them against loss, theft, or damage.
    • 4. Cash:
      If you prefer not to deposit cash in a bank but want to avoid keeping it in insecure locations at home, our safe deposit boxes provide a secure alternative
    • 5. Sentimental Items:
      Irreplaceable sentimental items, regardless of their monetary value, find a safe haven in our facility. By keeping them in a secure locker, you can eliminate the risk of loss or theft.

    Locker Sizes For Safe Deposits In London

    We offer UK safety deposit boxes in various sizes and price points. No matter your budget, you can find a safe place for your valuables. Our locker sizes include:

    Regular Size:

    Our regular size lockers are perfect for securely storing smaller items. Select from a variety of sizes based on what you require:

    H x W x D in mm
    H x W x D in inches
    1 Year Rental

    Large Size:

    Need more space? Our lockers for safe deposits in London also come in a large size to provide ample room for larger items and valuables:

    H x W x D in mm
    H x W x D in inches
    1 Year Rental

    To ensure the utmost security, a refundable key deposit of £100.00 per box and a photo ID card (£20.00) are required. Our yearly contract rent is payable in advance for the full term.

    At UK Safe Deposit Lockers LTD., we take your safety seriously. We strictly adhere to all regulations, and only lawful items are permitted within our facilities.

    Don’t leave your valuables to chance. Choose our lockers for safe deposits in London and experience the peace of mind of knowing your possessions are secure.


    Why Choose Us?

    1. Regulated And Registered: UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. is registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring industry standards and regulations compliance.

    2. Biometric Fingerprint Technology: We grant access to the vault and lockers only through biometric fingerprint recognition, ensuring the utmost security.

    3. Unique PIN Numbers: On top of Biometric Fingerprints, we assign a unique PIN for each box holder, adding an extra layer of protection to your assets.

    4. 24/7 Monitoring: Our facility is equipped with high-definition CCTV for real-time monitoring, and all our safety deposit boxes in London, UK are alarmed to deter thieves.

    5. Access Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to access your safe deposit box as often as needed during our working hours, with no additional charges.

    6. Client Confidentiality: We consider client confidentiality, privacy, and discretion paramount. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your identity and locker contents will remain strictly confidential, and no one will again access your valuables without your permission.

    7. Professional And Multilingual Staff: We offer multilingual support to cater to diverse client needs. Our highly trained team ensures top-notch security for your belongings and excellent customer service.

    8. Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Southall, our facility provides central parking for your convenience, ensuring you can access your UK safe deposit box without any hassle.


    Trust our safety deposit boxes in London, UK, for unparalleled security and peace of mind. Your assets deserve the best, and we deliver excellence in safeguarding what matters most to you!